Hilos Rosace / Panda Thread


Features of mouliné thread Panda / Rosace:

  • 100% Egyptian cotton: flexible, sturdy and resistant
  • Skeins of 10 metres and 6 strands (thread from traditional brands are only 8 metres long)

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Panda Thread Software

Panda thread software

Our free Pandathread software (cross-stitch graph maker) is the only program in the world that creates templates for cross-stitch or devil-stitch using images or drawings. In addition, the software automatically calculates the amount of Pandathread material needed for the embroidery and is also able to calculate the price.

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Panda Thread KIT

Panda Thread KIT

Embroidery KITS

  • Pandathread embroidery kits for cross-stitch or devil-stitch custom-made using our free software (cross-stitch pattern maker)
  • 50-colour kits or 45-colour cross-stitch kits available

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